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Facebook & Instagram
Infomercial Strategy

There are endless ways to structure campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, but we do it differently than most! We understand that likes, comments, and followers don't pay the bills (at least immediately). All of our campaigns are focused on generating the highest ROI possible.

As an official Facebook partner agency, we employ Facebook Blueprint Certified buyers. Our proven strategies deliver staggering “Return on Ad Spend” results for client after client.

With over 800 million users, the opportunities with Instagram are endless. We’ve got the creative chops and targeting strategies you need to stop the scrolling thumb.

For Facebook and Instagram, we bring together the whole team to make the most eye-catching content. We focus on the big questions for your product/service — the features and benefits, the unique problem that the product/service is solving, and how it solves this problem.

A Combined Approach

If you create an infomercial with us for national TV and have a digital campaign alongside it, we believe that’s the fastest track to profitability! A combination of Video + Digital Media will bring the highest ROI or “return on investment,” especially when coupled with ROI-based direct-response television media.

From the “full-length” commercial, we create several mobile-first videos. Mobile-first videos are videos that are designed specifically for the mobile interface. Because consumers view 80-90% of digital media on their phones with their sound off, our videos are designed to be compelling with no sound but are even more impressive when they choose to listen with sound. They are generally 15-seconds or shorter with a grabber, memorable brand imagery, and a clear call-to-action. We always frame the videos for each platform, as every digital media interface is different. In general, our team creates 4+ IG-specific videos and 4+ FB-specific videos — all focused on the product or service category and overall client goals.


When it comes to digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, retargeting is highly beneficial. It’s common that consumers will go to a website, and then click away to either do some research or just simply get distracted. Whatever the reason, they don’t buy right away. This is a very typical pattern. Therefore, retargeting tactics are crucial for a profitable campaign, especially if the product price point is higher than $20. The more you serve ads to a consumer on various platforms, the more credibility and product education you build. Sometimes it can take 5, 6, or 7 videos for them to purchase, especially with bigger purchases. In short, retargeting eventually leads to conversions and drives high ROI! 

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We’ve successfully launched over 250+ products through paid social media. Is this the infomercial strategy for you? Click below to book a FREE strategy call with our team to see how we can help grow your business using paid social media.

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