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TV Infomercial Strategy

Create a commercial ranging from 1 to 30 minutes with us! We offer full-service DRTV (direct response television) and infomercial campaigns. This “full-length” video will tell the whole story of the product. It will include all of the key features and benefits that will help sell your product or service to a new audience. It will discuss the unique problem that the product is solving. It will reveal how the product solves this problem. We manage the entire DRTV process, so the only heavy-lifting you have to do involves a TV remote. Your product will never look more appealing.

Our team is always on budget while maintaining high efficiency and excellence. We provide it all, from start to finish — always beginning each project with market research. Our editors will put the shine on the final video to captivate TV viewers and turn them into purchasers. TV infomercials are also often called As Seen On TV advertisements. 

What differentiates us from other infomercial companies and video production companies?

Well, we are not just a video production company. We don’t stop at creating the perfect infomercial video for your product. That’s just the beginning at Harvest Growth. Our one-stop-shop agency approach sets us apart from other "competitors" as we guide you throughout the entire process to ensure a flawless campaign launch AND execution. We help clients through it all with in-house video, marketing, content, sales, and project management teams. 

Creating an excellent TV infomercial doesn’t stop at post-production. Harvest Growth takes care of media buying, fulfillment, website design, call center set-ups, and more. Throughout the whole process, we help you avoid costly mistakes. We will do everything we can to make your business a success by staying with you every step of the way through the process. 

In terms of pre-production, production, AND post-production, we do it all… always with your vision in mind. For scripting, we make it a collaborative approach. We combine our knowledge of DRTV and digital marketing with your expertise about your product or service to create a powerful script. We will handle the script-writing, but we’ll collaborate with you until you love it. The best videos are a combination of scripts that drive response with a creative vision that fits our clients’ vision for their brands.  For video production, we manage the location, talent, crew equipment, and all post-production editing.

Watch some examples of some recent TV infomercials advertisements produced by Harvest Growth that are killing it right now! 

Med Manager 











Smart Nora









Credit Ninja



Reach out to us to receive a free quote and learn if your product/service works for a TV infomercial strategy.

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