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Who We Are

Infomercial Marketer is a division of Harvest Growth, an infomercial company. What’s our goal? We want to give you all of the tools you need to begin learning about how to successfully launch your product or service. 


We believe in the power and effectiveness of infomercial marketing. When you think of the word “infomercial,” you may think of a 1990’s 30-minute commercials with Ron Popeil or Richard Simmons. But, we’ve elevated infomercial marketing into something that is modernized and highly profitable to this day. This kind of marketing pays for itself by tracking every media dollar and ensuring $2, $3, or $10 is earned for every $1 spent on media. This profitable infomercial strategy works on national television or digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 


After launching and managing over 2 billion dollars worth of products on social media, infomercials, HSN/QVC, and national/international retail, Harvest Growth's leadership team has learned all of the pitfalls and levers to pull to make your product a huge success. We have modernized our launch process as trends have evolved over the past ten years into what we now call the Harvest Growth Perfect Launch™.


When you work with Harvest Growth, you’ll have access to ALL of these resources, which will give you the confidence that you are working with the best of the best... not just for your video production, but for every aspect of your product launch and marketing efforts.

Why the name Harvest Growth?

Harvest Growth is a National, Full-Service, Direct Response, Product Launch, and Video Marketing Agency. We are passionate about harvesting the growth potential of your one-of-a-kind brands, ideas, and products. We work for all kinds of businesses — from start-ups to established companies.  Even the household names on the homepage were once small startups.


We do not stop at creating the perfect infomercial video for your product. That’s just the beginning at Harvest Growth. We help clients through the entire process with in-house video, marketing, content, sales, and project management teams. Continually testing, tweaking, and optimizing your content, we assure you that we will always make your profitability our number one goal.

Start Today

Not sure what type of Direct Response/Infomercial campaign you'd like to execute? Let us help you put a plan together. Once you decide, we take it from there to lead the entire campaign! Not ready to fully commit? No problem! Book a free strategy call with us to simply discuss where to begin. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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