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TV marketing has been very profitable since the early 1980s despite not having access to unlimited user data like Facebook, Google, and more. Infomercials on television have launched multi-million dollar brands that were once small startups. We guide you throughout the entire process to ensure a flawless campaign launch AND execution. Are you looking to create an infomercial (TV commercial production) for national television that drives response and produces high profitability? Read more to learn all about a full-service DRTV/infomercial campaign.

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There are endless ways to structure campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, but we do it differently than most! We understand that likes, comments, and followers don't pay the bills (at least immediately).

All of our campaigns are focused on generating the highest ROI possible. As an official Facebook partner agency, we employ Facebook Blueprint Certified buyers. Our proven strategies deliver staggering “Return on Ad Spend” results for client after client.

With over 800 million users, the opportunities with Instagram are endless. We’ve got the creative chops and targeting strategies you need to stop the scrolling thumb. We’ve successfully launched over 250+ products through paid social media. Is this the infomercial strategy for you? Read more to learn about how digital marketing plays into our infomercial company.

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With YouTube, we employ a similar approach to Facebook and Instagram. But, YouTube is a unique entity in a lot of ways. For instance, YouTube can be used to target specific audiences in a highly individual manner based on specific niche videos they are watching that relate to the product/service you are selling. Are you interested in the YouTube infomercial strategy that’s taking the digital marketing world by storm? Read more to learn all about how YT can propel your business to success. 

Not sure which strategy to use to grow your business? 
Set up a free consultation with one of our Product Launch Experts where they can answer all of your marketing questions.



The length of the video alone does not determine the cost of infomercial production. The process of creating a top-quality commercial for your business goes into three categories: pre-production, production, and post-production. The video will tell the whole story of the product, include all of the features and benefits, discuss the unique problem that the product is solving, and reveal how the product solves this problem. The cost of the infomercial will depend on many factors within pre-production, production, and post-production.

CLICK to find out what determines the cost of an infomercial! 


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In the Infomercial Marketer newsletter, receive advice that you can implement in your company TODAY. Get a behind-the-scenes look at every step of the process in successful product launches. 

Just a few examples of what you can expect… 

  • Free educational content that will help grow your business 

  • Access to podcast interviews covering some of the most talked-about topics in infomercial marketing today 

  • Behind the scenes information about upcoming Harvest Growth product launches 

  • Answers to the questions you have about all the ins and outs of DRTV (direct response television) marketing 

  • Client case studies with real results from real clients 


Read success stories of businesses that started with a small test and ended up with household names.

Joel Appel, Founder of OxiClean

“Harvest Growth fuses outstanding, strategic vision with entrepreneurial flair to achieve rapid, profitable growth”

Bruce Raiffe, President of Gund/Enesco

"We are pleased to work with Harvest Growth and are impressed by the results, conversion rate, and average order! Thank you Harvest Growth for always being responsive to our questions and for your hard work!"

Ben Berghoff,
VP of 

“Harvest Growth’s work has generated a remarkable number of leads. By maintaining constant communication, the team fosters a high level of collaboration. Their expertise, coupled with their prioritization of client needs, sets them apart.”

James Moon, General Manager of Nuwave 

“I am looking forward to growing our campaigns even further with Harvest Growth.”

Pony Up Daddy

“From the creative minds that designed and shot our DRTV commercial to the analytical minds behind the fine-tuning of our digital campaigns, Harvest Growth has you covered. Thank you Harvest Growth for always doing exactly what you say you are going to do!”

Jennifer Macdonald, President of Zipit Bedding

“We found Harvest Growth in the very early stages of our company, and from the start, they treated us with the utmost respect and gave us a great amount of attention.”

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